“Under the New Testament, our Lord at first collected His people out of different nations, and united them to the household of faith by the ministry of extraordinary officers who received extraordinary gifts of the Spirit and who were agents by whom God completed His revelation to His Church. Such officers and gifts related to new revelation have no successors since God completed His revelation at the conclusion of the Apostolic Age.

The ordinary and perpetual classes of office in the Church are elders and deacons. Within the class of elder are the two orders of teaching elders and ruling elders. The elders jointly have the government and spiritual oversight of the Church, including teaching. Only those elders who are specially gifted, called and trained by God to preach may serve as teaching elders. The office of deacon is not one of rule, but rather of service both to the physical and spiritual needs of the people. In accord with Scripture, these offices are open to men only.

No one who holds office in the Church ought to usurp authority therein, or receive any official titles of spiritual preeminence, except such as are employed in the Scriptures.”
–From the PCA Book of Church Order, Chapter 7

The officers of Northwoods Presbyterian Church are:


  • Teaching Elder – Milan Norgauer (email)
  • Ruling Elder – Alex Davison (email)
  • Ruling Elder – Brian Church (email)
  • Ruling Elder – Tim Anderson (email)
  • Ruling Elder – Alex “Sandy” Ramig (email)