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Our Traditional Worship
Northwoods believes that a traditional worship service reflects the reverence suggested by Scripture. You will notice that we differ from many evangelical churches who practice a contemporary form of worship, because of our simple accompaniment and use of the historic hymns of the faith. We believe that “worship” includes the entire service, not just the music, and therefore we distribute our hymns of praise throughout the service. May God bless us as we worship Him together.

Listed below are some aspects of our worship service.

  • Call to Worship
  • Singing Hymns
  • Prayers of Invocation, Adoration, Confession (both public and private), Thanksgiving, and Intercession
  • The Reading of God’s Word
  • Public Confessions of Faith (i.e. Apostles Creed)
  • Tithes and offerings (Supporting of the work of the Church)
  • Exposition of God’s Word