Northwoods Families…                    

Our recent annual conference featuring Dr. Beeke was a remarkable blessing in many ways. The Session has prayerfully considered how we might follow up on Dr. Beeke’s teaching and we are pleased to announce that we are asking Northwood’s men to make “Family Worship” a priority for their families. We realize that some men and perhaps all are now doing this. Even so, we believe Dr. Beeke’s teaching will be beneficial to all as we grow together in faith and unity.

Specifically, we recommend…

  • That you listen to Dr. Beeke’s Family Worship presentation
  • That you use Dr. Beeke’s book on Family Worship as a guide
  • That you incorporate his thoughts and recommendations as you see best for your family


We also want to encourage Northwoods women who are heads of households to consider this. If interested, please let an elder know so that the Session can assist you.

Solo Deo Gloria