Q: How did Jesus begin to demonstrate his divine authority?

A: Jesus miraculously changed water to wine and ran the merchants out of the temple.


Day 1

Read John 20:24–31.

What is the purpose of John’s Gospel?

What does it mean to “have life his name”?

How could these verses and reading John’s Gospel encourage you in your faith in Christ?


Day 2

Read Acts 10:34–43.

What did the Old Testament prophets say about the coming Christ and those who would believe in his name (vs. 43)?

What does verse 43 tell you about the importance of all Scripture and about Christ himself?


Day 3

Read John 2:13–22.

List the things the disciples remembered after Jesus was raised from the dead.


Day 4

Romans 10:8–15.

What do you believe in your heart about Jesus?


Pray that God will give you a heart filled with faith in the risen Savior so that you will become more and more like him, and can confidently speak about God’s amazing love in your life!