Q: How did the wild man answer questions about Jesus?
A: John the Baptist confirmed that Jesus is the Christ. Those who believe in Jesus Christ have eternal life.


  1. Read John 3:16–21.

Contrast the following:

Those who believe in Jesus’ saving work

Those who don’t believe

What is the result of coming to Jesus, the Light of the World?

Many believers can recite John 3:16. Can you? How about verse 17 and the rest of the passage? Why is it important to know these verses in both your mind and heart?


  1. Read Acts 13:46–49.

God’s Word and salvation have gone to the ends of the earth! What’s the farthest or most remote place you can think of where the good news of Jesus has traveled?

Paul and Barnabas shared the gospel boldly. Who is someone you can share the gospel with this week? Pray for that person.

The Gentiles who believed rejoiced and glorified the “word of the Lord.” Do you believe? What words describe your faith and emotions?


  1. Read 1 Timothy 1:8–17.

What kinds of people does Christ Jesus save? To do what?

What words describe Christ?

How do these verses encourage you to live boldly and faithfully as a follower of Christ?


  1. Read Romans 1:16–17.

Fill in the blanks. God’s people receive the gift of salvation by__ __ __ __ __ . It is also by __ __ __ __ __ that they live each day.


Ask the Holy Spirit to help you grow in faith and obedience as you live out the gospel each day.