Q: How does Jesus’ food satisfy thirst?
A: Jesus described his food as doing his Father’s will. He offers living water to all who thirst.


Read John 4:1–26.

How did Jesus’ actions show that he was doing the will of his Father?

The Samaritan woman tried to satisfy her spiritual hunger and thirst with relationships with men, which didn’t satisfy. What are things you do or use to try to satisfy yourself instead of your relationship with Christ?

How do you demonstrate trust in God and his Word when you face opposition?

How is the water Jesus gives different from the water that the woman came to draw?

Living water

Water from the well

Have you received the living water that Jesus gives? What is your response to this gift of God?


Read John 4:27–45.

What do verses 34–35 teach you about Jesus? Choose:

  • He loves food and can’t wait to eat.
  • He’s so focused on obeying his Father, he won’t eat or drink.
  • God’s kingdom should have priority over creature comforts.
  • He takes greatest delight in doing the will of his Father.


What do you learn about following Christ from this passage?


Read John 4:46–54.

Describe the progression of the official’s faith in Jesus.

Describe how you are growing in your relationship to Christ, trusting and obeying him.