Our church supports several organizations and missionaries on the mission field.  We believe that this is part of how we participate in the Great Commission.


Mission and Ministry Reports:


Mel and Martha Pike
Kiev, Ukraine
English Language Ministry in The Theological Seminary and the Evangelical Church of Ukraine.

Mel will work with the pastor of Holy Trinity Church in Kiev to plant a church that reaches the international community and English-speaking Ukrainians in the city.  Mel will also serve the Evangelical Reformed Seminary of Ukraine (ERSU) as a mentor offering counsel to students and modeling a pastor’s work in their professional and family lives. Martha will serve as well, offering the students a warm home and quiet atmosphere for talk and rest.



There is always much to praise God for. We thank Him for many miles traveled without any incidents. We praise Him for a magnificent team of prayer partners and a growing team of financial supporters. Martha’s first knee surgery is healing very well. She is scheduled to have the second knee – the left knee – done on June 5th. This will be followed by five to six weeks of PT. Hopefully we will be fully funded by the end of August. We have an apartment in Kiev located and Martha’s first semester of language school will begin in September.

Prayer Request:

  1. Martha’s next knee surgery scheduled for June 5th. Pray for wisdom about how to get to Ukraine this summer while working on our pre-field training.
  2. Praise – they have an apartment in Kiev starting in August.
  3. Pray for how Martha will study Russian her first year in Ukraine.
  4. Pray for full funding by end of August.


Dan and Becky Young
Texas/Northern Mexico border

Our missionaries, Dan and Becky Young, serve with Mission to the World/Northern Mexico Team on the border, working with the Center for Church Planting (CPI in Spanish) in Monterrey. They joined this team in 2012 after working in MTW border ministry (formerly BEAMM) in Juarez and El Paso, with San Pablo Seminary, and with PCA short-term missions teams since 1990.

In December of 2009 they moved to McAllen, Texas, and Dan became director of efforts in the eastern region of the border. Now he leads the CPI’s Inter-Border Network for Church Planting and Revitalization, ranging from Laredo, Texas/Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, to the Rio Grande Valley. He collaborates with both the National Presbyterian Church of Mexico and the PCA.

Dan helps train and mentor pastors and ministry leaders and leads the CPI border team. Becky works with him in discipleship and mentoring. Please pray with the Youngs that God will build gospel-centered churches in a multiplying movement, transforming lives and communities along the border. (mtw.org)

Prayer requests:

  1. Give thanks for Becky’s art show and pray for her as she paints and develops new work, and for us to be able to have further contact with some people we met
  2. Pray for contacts we have had like a young Honduran Alex, a Colombian friend Hector, and Jose Maria, from Tamaulipas; we’ve met these people on the border
  3. pray for the set up of our next church planter/pastor training in Reynosa; we were to have a meeting May 4 to train a couple of trainers and set the calendar, but it was postponed till June 1
  4. …for a church planter training in Tampico the 12-14 that our partners at Camino de Fe & Isaiah 55 will be a part of; Becky & I will be going too
  5. …for the CPI’s assessment center in Monterrey the 16-19 in which Becky and I will serve as assessors; for God’s leading in the lives of the church planter candidates and spouses.
  6. …for Valle del Rey in McAllen to grow through new contacts and for the men’s leadership study to continue well; for my teaching on worship in May and June;
  7. …for preaching in Reynosa the 21st of May on the family at Buen Pastor (Good Shepherd) Presbyterian church, and then in McAllen at Valle del Rey June 4;
  8. …for travel for me to see my parents in Wisconsin June 6 – 13; give thanks for healing from my dad’s surgery on a hematoma on his brain a few weeks ago;
  9. …for our team members Tim and Kristy Holliday, and the Isaiah 55 ministries team as they begin summer team ministries in Reynosa in June; the Holidays are on our team as well and there are two other MTW couples in Isaiah 55.



Local Ministry:

Life Choice Pregnancy Care Center
Cheyenne, Wyoming
Gloria Davies, Director

LifeChoice is a facility where both females and males can go when they need questions answered – about pregnancy and what to do next. They promise to provide safe, confidential services to those in need. Their support staff offers factual information, peer counseling, moral support and spiritual encouragement. They offer all their services free of charge.



Links to missionary organizations we support: