Sunday School

Throughout the year every Sunday mornings at 9:15 am we offer classes.  They are designed to encourage us in our walk, help us to know more about the great God that we worship, and to strengthen our bonds as a church.  We have classes for all age groups.

Here is our offering for school year (September 2016-May 2017):

Teacher: Alex Davison
Overview of the New Testament.

Senior High (9th to 12th Grade)
Teacher: — Milan Norgauer/Alex Ramig
Choosing my Religion.

Junior High (5th to 8th Grade)
Teacher: Tim Anderson
The Covenant
We will be looking at God’s dealings with His people from creation to the exodus. We will see how faithful the Lord is to His covenant. We will also look at those events in light of the New Testament seeing God’s plan of redemption from the beginning – Jesus Christ. Finally, we will see our unchanging God is still at work in our lives today.

Elementary (Kindergarten to 4th Grade)
Teacher: Laura Twitchell